Rental terms

  1. The rental period is considered to be the period between the delivery and returning of the rented property.
  2. The rented property must be returned in same condition, as they were delivered to lessee. If the rented property has disadvantages or does not correspond to what was agreed on the price quote, the lessee must inform the lessor immediately, but no later than the start of an event for what the rental property is needed. If the lessor is not informed about the disadvantages at term, the disadvantage is considered to have ocurred during the rental period and in the possession of the lessee.
  3. If the disadvantage is an result of lessees fault or caused by the non-targeted use, the lessee is obligated to compensate the costs of repair or replacement of the rental property and related expenses.
  4. The lessor has the right to claim an advance payment or booking fee, which confirms the booking and is not refundable in case of annulment.
  5. Invoices are issued once a month. The lessee undertakes to pay the rental fee within 14 days at the latest according to the invoice provided by the lessor.
  6. This agreement is considered to be concluded between the parties by lessees confirmation via e-mail.
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